A Chain Link Dog Kennel To Keep Your Pet Safe

If you have a dog, you might be interested in having a safe, outdoor space for them to play in. A chain link dog kennel can provide a safe play area for you pet, that is also durable and economical. For those who own a dog but do not have a fenced in yard, a kennel might be a necessity. For those who do have a fenced in yard, a dog kennel can keep your dog confined to one area of the yard when you are not able to be outside with him. You won’t have to wonder if he hopped the fence, dug up the flowers, or got into a scuffle with another dog at the fence line.

When planning your kennel, there are several considerations to be make. First, how many dogs will be in the space? If there will be two or more, you may want to make a larger space for them to play in. You also may want to think about having a divided kennel, so they each have their own space. What size is the dog? A thirty pound dog won’t require as much space as a 120 pound dog. Also, think about the breed. Are they a jumper? You’ll want to build the walls high enough to prevent escape. Are they a digger? Think about how to reinforce the area between the bottom of the kennel and the dirt.


Chain link fencing is an ideal material to construct a dog kennel out of. It can be used to build custom kennels for whatever size, breed or number of dogs you have. You can construct a smaller kennel for a smaller dog, a higher one for a jumping dog, and a long one for dogs who like to run.With the durability of chain link fencing, the kennel should last a long time without a lot of maintenance. It’s also not too difficult for the do-it-yourselfer to put together. There are kennel kits that can be purchased that come with all of the materials needed to build a kennel a pre-determined size. For a small, low kennel for a little dog who doesn’t jump too high, the kit should be around $200 or less. For a large kennel with sides that are six feet tall, it will cost about twice as much. You can also purchase materials on your own, which may cost a bit less than a pre-made kit.

If you are concerned about leaving your dog out in the elements, you can put a dog house within the dog kennel. This is a great idea if your dog is going to be spending several hours per week in the kennel. There are also roofs you can purchase to top the kennel to keep your dog drier in wet weather. When building your kennel, make sure there is a spot where your dog can get out of the hot sun, and a spot for food and water. There are many ways to customize your chain link dog kennel, to keep you and your pet safe, healthy and happy.

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