Advantages Of A Retractable Pool Fence

Having a pool in your yard or in your community is a huge bonus for the people who get to use it. No one will skip out on a chance to sit in the sun and relax. However, you have some considerations to make once you put the pool in. Your pool needs to be as safe as possible. There is the obvious danger of small children falling into the pool, and there is a chance that people could use the pool without your consent. However, you do not want the pool to look menacing when it is in use. This is why some people will want to use a retractable pool fence. Consider how much more impressive and exciting your pool is going to look when you use a retractable pool enclosure.


When you are trying to protect small children or your pool, you need to put in a retractable fence for pool areas that covers the water area perfectly. These are not the typical tarps that you would see all over America in the summer. People could fall into these tarps, get stuck and drown. The retractable pool enclosure is a solid structure of metal or plastic that covers the pool area with a hard surface.

The rigid structure with clear glass or plastic offers the ultimate security for your pool and provides a protected environment for people to swim in during bad weather.  When the sun comes out simply retract the cover and store it away at one end of the pool. You now have a completely open pool to lounge around  and enjoy those hot summer days. When you are done swimming simply extend the enclosure to ensure children don’t fall into the water giving you piece of mind no accidents will happen. If you put the switch for the enclosure in a safe place with the pool pump, no one can operate it without your consent.

The Look

When you put in one of these enclosures it is going to retract away into a space at the end of the pool. You can even build a small storage are with some doors so the enclosure isn’t visible when its stowed away. It rolls up like a modern garage door at the touch of a button. The enclosure sits on a track, and this track goes along the edges of the pool. This track will be the only indication that a cover even exists.

retractable fence for pool

The Installation

The installation of the retractable cover starts with the track that it sits on. You must have the track installed so that the fence can run along it easily. Next, the cover itself must be installed at one end of the track. This part of the fence can be installed at the least intrusive end of the pool. This may require a bit of modification, but it is going to provide a seamless look for the pool.

Finally, the fence must be run through the tracks and attached to the motor. The enclosure must be tested to make sure it will close properly, and you can have the operating switch installed anywhere.

The Finished Product

When you have one of these enclosures installed, you will be able to close up the pool as soon as people are done using it. If you are closing down the pool for the season, you can keep debris out of the pool, and you can protect small children when it is in use in the summer. These enclosures are a worthy investment for anyone who wants to put the safety of their family and the community first. Just one enclosure will make the pool at the house or in the community a much safer place to play during the summer.

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