Chain Link Fence Prices – How Much Will Your New Fence Cost?

Are you considering buying a chain link fence? Chain link fences are very popular and cheaper than wood or brick fences. These fences are a great way to serve the minimum purpose of lining your property and providing a barrier between your belongings and the rest of your neighborhood. Chain link fences are also great to keep pets in your yard. So what are chain link fence prices ? The answer to this question varies based on several factors. Some chain link fence material is more expensive than others. For instance, galvanized fences are less expensive than vinyl fences. Other factors that affect chain link fence cost are the height, color, installation and accessories.

The average price per foot of chain link fences can be estimated, but just understand that many factors will affect how much your chain link fence will cost. If you are looking to buy a lower end chain link fence, priced between $60 and $150 for a 50 foot fence, then the your average cost per foot will be between $1 and $4 dollars per foot. This is only the cost of the fence itself. Depending on what height you buy this price will vary. Chain link fences generally come three, three and a half, four, five, and six feet in height. The color and material all affect what price you will pay. Some five feet fences may be more expensive than some six feet fences. Also you should take into account the installation cost of your fence.

chain link fence pricesMany chain link fence buyers face the dilemma of whether to self install their fences or hire a professional fence installer. There are several things you should consider when making this decision. If you install your fence yourself you will keep the cost per foot of your fence relatively low. However, you should understand that your city, town, or municipality has specific guidelines that dictate how a fence should be installed. If your self-installed fence does not meet these guidelines you may have to say goodbye to hours of hard work; your city will order you to tear down your fence. You can avoid this situation by hiring a professional fence installer. This service usually adds $10 to $20 to your cost per foot, but the expense is probably worth it. To estimate the added cost a professional installation will add to your fence you can visit the “Cost to Install a Chain Link Fence” online. Here you can put in your zip code and the length of your fence and estimate the total cost of your fence per foot with labor included.

The accessories you include with your purchase also add to the cost per foot of your chain link fence. What color fence you buy affects the price. Silver is a standard, popular chain link fence color and is likely be the cheapest color you can buy. Other colors, such as black or green fences, require coating and will cost you extra per foot. What gate you buy will also affect the cost of your fence. Lower end gates can cost anywhere from $40 to $150. Mid-range gates can cost $300 to $500, and higher end gates can cost from $1100 to $1500. Postings and railings can be inexpensive. Some postings can cost as low as $10 per post while others can cost $100 per post. There are many other accessories that you may decide to buy that will add to the cost of your fence such latches or hinges.

The total cost per foot of your fence will depend on the many decisions you make to fit your needs. Just be sure to calculate how much your choices affect your purchase price before you buy.

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