How Much Does A Wrought Iron Fence Cost ?

Though modern wrought iron fences are actually made from forged iron, they still make an attractive fencing option and give homes a high-class feel. Though many people think of wrought iron fences as expensive, depending on where you live and how much fencing you need, a wrought iron fence may be comparable with other types of fencing.

Benefits Of Wrought Iron

There are many benefits to having a wrought iron fence. For example, such fences are good deterrents against trespassers and thieves, because the thin posts are hard to grasp and the ornamental toppers make them hard to climb over. They also provide security without having to block out the view, making them perfect for fencing in pools or patios.

Wrought iron fencing is durable and won’t sag or fall over like wood fencing nor is it easy to break through, like chain-link fencing. It also won’t warp like wood or plastic fencing in the heat, nor will it crack from ice or extremely cold temperatures. You also don’t have to worry about rotting or termite damage and it doesn’t have to be repainted often.

Cost Of Wrought Iron Fence

Your wrought iron fence price can vary greatly based on a number of factors. Materials generally cost anywhere from about $20 up to $100 per linear foot. You also may have other costs depending on how many gates you install, the number of ornamental details and the slope of your lot. If you are looking to cover about 200 feet of a front yard, you would be looking at about $4,000 at the low end to $20,000 on the high end, not counting the costs of gates. That estimate is based on doing the work yourself. If you have your wrought iron fence professionally installed, which is probably a good idea if you don’t have experience installing fencing or if the installation involves difficult conditions, then your wrought iron fence cost will be more. You might pay anywhere from $30 to $300 a linear foot for materials plus installation, raising the cost of that hypothetical 200-foot fence to anywhere from $6,000 to $60,000.

wrought iron fence

Components And Installation

The great variation in wrought iron fence cost comes from the various different components you can add. Fencing can come in individual pieces or pre-built panels, which make it easier to install. You also have gates and can have a number of post cappers, fence toppers and other ornamental pieces.

Installing a wrought iron fence is similar to installing some other types of fencing. You must dig post holes and then sit the posts in the holes, filling them with concrete to anchor the posts. After giving the concrete a day or two to dry, you then go back and attach the fence panels and install any necessary gates. Small projects, such as fencing in a patio or courtyard, can be done in a weekend, while large projects, such as fencing in an entire yard, can take several days.

Maintenance Of Your Wrought Iron Fence

Even though wrought iron fencing is more durable and resistant to the elements than other types of fencing, it does need maintenance over time.

Cleaning the fence regularly to remove all dirt and debris will ensure the paint stays in good shape. You can clean your fence with simple dish washing detergent. You can also help avoid problems with dirt and debris by regularly trimming back any trees and foliage around your fence.

If paint does bubble or crack and flake off, you need to use a wire brush to remove the remaining paint in the area and then repaint it using the same kind of paint.

If you do have areas of your wrought iron fence that rust, which is a possibility over time, especially in moist climates, you need to remove the rust using a wire brush and then apply a rust converter before repainting.

Another important part of maintaining your fence is making any necessary repairs quickly. With a metal fence, exposed pieces can be a hazard to children and pets. You also want to make sure to replace any ornamental pieces and gate hinges with the same parts to ensure the continued high-quality look of your fence.

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