Privacy Slats For A Chain Link Fence

Surrounding your yard or property with a chain link fence offers security and peace of mind. You can rest easy with the security of knowing that your children and pets are safe from the road and pedestrians have a clear border between where they should be and your personal space. This can be very important if you live in a neighborhood with a lot of pets off leashes, or if you have little ones who may wander off in the blink of an eye. Now along with the security of a tight border, you also have many options for seclusion using privacy slats for chain link fence. However privacy slats are not only about seclusion, they can add style to a dull area, and make a regular fence more attractive.

Privacy Slat Options

· PVC slats come in a variety of colors to fit any style. These slats are available in decorative lock-top or the more private winged style. PVC slats are the easiest to install, simply slide the slats into the fence vertically. Then put into place the decorative top if you would like the top spires of your fence covered. This step is ideal for lower fences that children may grasp or perhaps tumble over when catching a baseball.

· Aluminum slats are rust free and also come in a variety of colors. Aluminum is slightly more difficult to install because they slide in diagonally, however worth the effort for the beauty and seclusion above PVC.

· Hedge slats are made to appear as though the fence is a green hedge. Hedge slats are also made of PVC however they look like a tree. These are as easy to install as the PVC slats. The hedge slats offer a solid wall of privacy, and blend in with the outdoor environment better than the other options. Hedge slats also offer a level of noise seclusion as well.

privacy slats for chain link fencePrivacy slats come in heights from three to twelve feet, just like chain link fencing. To determine how many slats you need simply measure the length of your fence and order boxes of slats in ten feet increments in the height of your fence.

Installing privacy slats for chain link fence is relatively simple. Depending on the type, you slide them in vertically or diagonally and then you can add decorative top or bottom pieces. Viola, your see through security fence has become semi to entirely private.

Maintenance on your privacy slats is similar to maintenance done on the fence. Cut any vines down that you do not want pulling on and interfering with the structural integrity of your fence, do occasional checks for pet or animal damage to the fence and slats, and your good. The slats should last and stay attractive as long as they are not messed with.

Privacy slats are a sensible and attractive addition to your property. They are relatively easy to install for the do-it-yourselfer and can make a big difference in a short amount of time. Privacy slats are a long lasting addition to your already installed chain link fence.

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