Wrought Iron Fence Finials

Wrought iron fences can’t achieve their maximum potential without finials. Finials are widely used in homes for a variety of indoor uses, but adding them to outdoor fencing can have a much stronger visual impact on a property. In addition to being elegant additions to a wrought iron fence, they also have practical functions that appeal to homeowners for a variety of reasons. Understanding the different types of finials available, the benefits of using them, and a little about their history will make it clear that these additions complete both the look and the function of a wrought iron fence.

Wrought Iron Fence Finials

Iron Fence Finials

Iron fence finials can include both wrought and cast iron types. Depending on the level of detail desired, both methods create ornate finials that can transform an ordinary fence into a beautiful decoration that adds to the overall value of a home.

Wrought Iron Finials

Finials made with wrought iron are both durable and timeless. To create this type of finial, wrought iron is heated and then shaped using tools. Westminster Abbey uses this type of iron finial on its gates. They were placed there in the 13th century.

Cast Iron Finials

The process for creating cast iron is a little different. Cast iron is first melted, and it is then poured into a mold. The decorative possibilities associated with cast iron are almost endless because the process allows for such variety in shapes and textures.

Advantages of Using Finals

Finials offer several different advantages over wrought iron fences that lack this detail. They add to the overall attractiveness of wrought iron fencing, but they also provide additional security. Adding wrought iron fencing to a home can add to curb appeal, but adding finials can increase the value even further.

How Finials Add to the Value of a Home

Wrought iron finials increase a home’s value by providing an attractive ornamental addition to a wrought iron fence. That helps increase the curb appeal of a property while also also providing extra security. Durable and maintenance free, many homeowners prefer the look of wrought iron over other types of fencing.

Finials Add Luxurious Ornamentation

Finials add a decorative element to a wrought iron fence. They provide detailing that makes a fence look unique. Because finials come in such a wide variety of styles, they make the overall look of an iron fence highly customizable. They provide an easy way to add high-end style to a property.

Finials Provide Additional Security

Finials also add to the security a wrought iron fence provides, making it almost impossible to climb over them. That’s one of the reasons so many luxury homes feature wrought iron fence finials. They add an extra deterrent to keep would-be intruders out.

A Brief History of Finials

Finials have been used for centuries to add style and an air of opulence to architectural structures. In ancient Rome, they were used on columns and gates. During the Renaissance era, they were frequently used to decorate candelabras. In the Victorian era, finials became popular additions to home fencing. In modern times, they add style and function to wrought iron fences.

How Iron Finials are Created

There are several different methods that can be used to create wrought iron fence finials. The iron is usually processed in foundries where expert metalworkers heat iron and other metals to extremely high temperatures in order to shape them into different useful items. The process requires years of training to master, and some foundries still use similar techniques to those used centuries ago. Newer techniques allow for other metals to be added to create the same look while adding more cost-effectiveness and durability.

Finials add a finishing touch to a wrought iron fence that creates an attractive look that also helps to protect the property. Their ornate details can drastically change the appearance of a plain fence. Because they alter the look of a fence so noticeably, adding finials can actually create the appearance of an entirely difference fence. Finials can be added to each post individually or intermittently at even intervals around a fence to create a variety of interesting and visually appealing looks.

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